QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy Of Lebanon Chemicals Company S.A.L

Lebanon Chemicals Company S.A.L. (L.C.C.), was founded in 1955 in Selaata, North Lebanon, primarily engaged in the production and sales of chemical fertilizers. In this context, L.C.C. manufactures sulfuric and phosphoric acid, powder and granular single superphosphate, granular triple superphosphate, aluminum sulphate and monocalcium phosphate.

L.C.C. is a member of the “International Fertilizer Association” and the “Arab Fertilizer Association”.

The management of L.C.C. commits out of conviction and with determination in an integrated Quality, Health and Safety and Environment (QHSE) management approach towards stakeholders, in terms of product compliance, prevention of bodily injury and damage to health and environmental preservation and pollution prevention, in a sustainable development approach and a commitment to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and other specific requirements.

L.C.C. gives priority to the continuous training of all employees to strengthen their skills and involve them in the maintenance and improvement of the integrated management system as well as in raising the awareness of employees, subcontractors and visitors to the requirements of the system QHSE in particular with regard to risks, significant aspects and the ability to react to emergency situations.

As part of the QHSE policy, the management of L.C.C. has set the following objectives:

Quality :

  • Listening to internal and external customers in order to provide them with a higher level of quality and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Set up an efficient complaint management system to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Health & Safety :

  • Ensure a healthy and secure working environment for employees and people present on the site by eliminating or reducing the risks identified through appropriate operational control.
  • Control and eliminate, when possible, the harmful factors in order to prevent work-related injury and ill health, in particular those related to noise, dust, gas discharge, explosion, handling of corrosive products, etc.
  • Encourage participation and consultation of workers.

Environnement :

  • Reduce atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases and dust.
  • Reduce the impact of soil contamination by waste.
  • Reduce the nuisance of effluent discharges.

In order to implement these objectives, the management of L.C.C. undertakes to provide the means and resources necessary for the implementation of the continuous improvement of the integrated management system which will be reviewed annually during management reviews in order to monitor the performance of the management system QHSEMS.